Friday, July 10, 2009

Roxie and Nealie

Donnalors checked the door viewer - it was Roxie and Nealie, two of her friends. Roxie was her black haired lover. Nealie shaves her head bald. 'Come in - sit down'. Roxie embraced Donnalors. 'On' she said, and the Phemera turned on. 'Did you want anything?' 'Oh Donnalors, why bother. You hardly ever have anything. How do you get by without losing any weight'? 'I know - I just rarely get hungry. I was thinking of visiting a supply center or a store...' her voice trailed off. Donnalors just stared away from Roxie and stared at the Phemera view.

'What is it'? You're acting stranger than usual. I must say you're getting odder every day. How did I ever fall in love with you'. 'You told me it was because I'm so beautiful'. 'Yes, you are'. They kissed briefly. 'If you two or going to start lovemaking, I'm getting a beverage', said Nealie. 'I think theres some in the unit'. Nealie got up.

'I think I'll be pregnant, soon'. "Really, that is big news. Historic'. 'Yes, it really is. You haven't told anybody?' 'I think I know better than that'. Nealie came back in with a green beverage. 'Well this calls for a celebration'. Nealie 'I guess I'd better finish this off'. 'Hold on, I've got secrets to tell - under the threat of death'. Nealie and Roxie both lifted their eyebrows. 'What do you mean'? They both said, and then said 'Aha!' and crossed their pinkie fingers.

'I've been visited by members of The China Party'. 'Go on', said Roxie. 'The leading member told me she was authorized to terminate my life if I repeat this, so just hear this and shut up. Just shut the hell up, or I could be a dead person'. 'You know I don't kiss and tell'.

'Well, I don't think they'll terminate me for this, but do keep it a secret. I've told I'm going to conceive a boy'. Nealie and Roxie raised their eyebrows again. 'But, that's illegal, isn't it?', Roxie looked questioningly at Nealie. Nealie merely shrugged and said, 'Sexual reproduction is - of course - illegal. Its just that, its just that...well, its impossible for the environment to support male reproduction. Or so I thought'. Nealie looked at Donnalors.

'Still - that's what I've been told. I've also been told that I am the only one selected to bear a boy. They haven't told me how this is to be possible. Imagine, 20 plus trillion people and I'm the only one - its staggering'. Roxie and Nealie just looked stunned. 'Nealie, you're the expert. Do you think they have listening devices in here?' 'Its possible. I'll check'. Nealie was in communications and was expert in tracking hidden communications and devices of the same. She checked her loop. 'I'm not finding anything. But, I don't believe that they don't have some kind of listening device or the ability to eavesdrop. Where can we go that's safe'. 'I don't know. Everything is so crowded with people'. They all stood up and looked at the teeming masses of people down below, through the viewscreen. People standing on people, just everywhere.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Donnalors' World

The world of Donnalors, the world of 3084 was a very warm, wet and cloudy place. As she looked out her viewing screen (glass had been almost totally replaced in all living structures due to the high rates of suicide...) she looked out at the teeming masses from a very high floor. She rarely left her dwellings as she did not like to go out and face the crowds. Instead, she preferred to look down at them from above whenever she got bored - which was frequent - or when she turned off the Phemera.

As she looked out, it was raining lightly, which was almost constant due to the warming. Sunshine was a very, very rare thing. She saw some rays poking out of the clouds. Every one hundred years or so, the skies - so it was said - that they had cleared and the sun ruled the sky. She hoped to live to see such a day. But, with the creation of the Inception Laws and the Inception Centers people tended to be short-lived anymore. It was extremely rare for a person to live past 40. But, Donnalors had heard - mainly from her lover and her friends - that some people had been "engineered" for a longer life span. She wondered at this. And, she wondered how long she would live.

Morbidly curious, she thought of activating the Phemera and searching out some information. She had a reader (which had virtually replaced all print publications) and some print literature about the subjects. But, feeling a little indolent, she gave up.

The landscape was covered with other, huge living structures and supply centers. She could not recall easily when she last visited a supply center. She did not care to pass through the massive crowds or into the nearest supply center. The supply center was huge - like an Inception Compound. The supply centers had taken place of virtually all stores and shops. Non-party run shops and stores were virtually unknown. And, currency was no longer a form of legal tender. The readers usually supplied virtual cash from a huge party account. The account had been formed on her behalf and others - which was a shared account -by the Parties.

Because of her misgivings, she rarely made use of the reader account. Which wasn't much, as all foodstuffs (if there were more than one) were generally available at the Inception Centers. Most of humanity's future meals consistent of microbial life and edible forms of algae. These were created - in great variety it was said - at the Inception Centers. However, it was the case that a variety was rarely available due to the unending demand for foodstuffs from everybody. It was a hungry world. One the Inception Centers could barely keep up. The society of her time was mainly occupied with creating more Inception Centers, Processors, Space Colonization and dwellings. Some of the dwellings were deep underground - but she had never been in one of the underground dwellings. The thought of it made her shiver.

But, today she was thinking of visiting one of the Inception Centers and stocking up. In case what Zo Li had told her - that The Free Party might actually shut them down completely.

However, she did not have much room for food storage due to the size of her dwelling. She was fortunate, as most people were forced to live together. Her and her lover had thought of applying for a larger space and moving in together. But with her coming pregnancy, she feared there might not be enough room for all of them. Her dwelling was quite large by future standards, about 8 m x 10 m. She wondered how she had been able to get such a large space. Luck, she thought.

Donnalors was also different than other people. Her skin coloration had been engineered to mimic that of the ancient Caucasians. With the blending of the races so long ago and environmental exposure, most people had a somewhat darker complexion. Reports had been made that the Inception Centers were engineering people with lighter skin coloration to match the environment. Donnalors didn't believe that.

Hundreds of years ago - when most species, including humanity - had lost the ability to reproduce sexually. The Parties had unified with the common goal of cloning people with a high genetic variation - that was the origin of the Inception Laws and Inception Centers. Why then was the world so crowded? Due The Free Party's campaign on "the right to inception". The goal had been to maintain population growth as it had been. But, now things were beyond crowded. The mood of the Parties - and the world - had changed. There were just too many people. Many of them were seeking to go off-world, underground - many just found ways to commit suicide even though the ways and means had been virtually engineered out of the world.

There had been some rumours that the Processors - not all - had started accepting applications from the living. This, too, made her shiver.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Collaborators

The sounder announced guests at Donnalors's apartment. She checked the view screen. It was her expected guests - the collaborators. The collaborators were a somewhat mysterious trio of people - representatives of the China Party. She worried about how to fit them in such a tiny apartment. In a world of 20 some trillion people, living space was very precious. If it was even possible to attain. She wondered how she had been so fortunate. Most people were reduced to living outdoors. She let them in.

"Good morning." "Good morning Donnalors. Thank you for seeing us. Today is an important day for you!" "Has the committee approved my request? I mean, am I going to receive a conception?" Zo Li, leader of the group addressed her. "Yes. You have received full approval. And, it looks like you will receive a baby boy. You are to receive the only male. You are going to make history."

Donnalors was overwhelmed with joy. She did her best to retain her composure. "And, what is my status?" "You are to be one of the first few test cases. You are very fortunate." "May I ask a taboo question?" Zo raised his arches. "I'm curious. Well, today is your special day. What would you like to ask of me." " this being done? I mean I know its illegal and unethical, but why is this happening?" Zo looked at the other two collaborators. "I think she deserves to know. She is taking most of the risk. Should we put this before her or see the committee?" "No, lets not waste time." "I agree" said the other.

Donnalors sat down next to Zo. "Donnalors, as you know, we live in a very crowded world. The death rate is staggering. It is prohibitive to maintain both the living and the dead. Billions of people die each year. In times past, society and our world could easily support a much smaller population. But, the truth is, our world is dying. We are fast running out of resources and water. People are moving off-world - to the colonies - routinely. This is done at a very high price. A price that our society cannot easily afford. Our society - is bankrupt."

"Food riots occur in the world most every day.
Food security is a major issue. Water security is of the highest priority. Would that these last resources become unavailable, all human life on earth would be extinguished. It is amazing that we have not yet gone extinct. That is one reason that we need to start conceiving children again. The extinction event will almost certainly happen."

"You said food riots happen daily. Why haven't I heard of this?"

"A society..." Zo paused " ours cannot be maintained without constant censorship and secrecry. Only those who need to know are given this information. That included most government officials and party officials. Most but not all. The food riots and the police actions needed to contain them, are very serious and extremely violent. They are available on the Phemera, but only on secret channels. Would you like to see?"

Unsure of the consequences, Donnalors assented. "Turn on the
Phemera," said Zo.

"Set it to 0117+017c." The scene was staggering. The violence was unbelievable. Thousands of rioters were being crushed under police equipment. "" said Donnalors with her hand over her mouth. She heaved on the floor and fell over backwards in a dead faint. "Smelling salts..." said Zo.

When she came too, Donnalors apologized. "I had idea. That was horrifying. A hundred people must have died in just a few seconds." "Thousands," said Zo. "You see why this information is kept from the public. If it got out, the social disruption would be chaotic. The death rate is something like 200 billion people per year. That is far in excess of the expected death rate. The death rates on the African and Eurasian continents are beyond staggering. We are constantly building more processors to recycle the remains. This is another reason we need to start conception. By any means necessary."

"You keep referring to reasons for conception. Are there more?"

"Yes. There is talk - well, we know it is more than talk, it is a fact - that The Free Party means to shut down the Inception Centers."

"What? All of them?"


"That's insanity. How will we get more people...and food. Without the Inception Centers we'll have nothing. Why would they do this."

"For one thing, we believe some of The Free Party leaders have lost their reason - or have some knowledge that our party is not aware of. Another reason is that there are too many people as it is. Third, the system has no more funding. That's why we have to start preparing now. The China Party is fighting the legal effort to shut down the Inception Centers. I think the best we can hope for is to maintain the Food Inception Centers. Without the vegetation and grain Inception Centers, almost all life will certainly cease - at least on this planet."

"This is horrible."

"It gets worse. Much worse."

Donnalors raised her eyebrows. "What? What do you mean?"

"Should I tell her?" Zo looked at the other collaborators. "I think you've started down a path that you cannot reverse," replied

"The extinction event will almost certainly happen. Our scientists have developed the means and the technology to predict when and where a
gamma ray burst will occur with a high degree of precision. If a gamma ray burst occurs several million to billion light years from earth, it is of little concern. If a gamma ray burst occurs in the next 10 to 100 light years - it is of major importance. If one should happen within a few light years of our planet..." Zo's voice trailed away, and she looked down at the floor, briefly. Zo looked up again " would mean almost certain annihilation. Some high party officials have given out this information with extreme caution. A GRB event will almost certainly happen within the next thousand years - and it will be nearby. They have even identified the star where this will take place. We don't know if The Free Party has this information - but we are pretty certain of it. We think this may be the reason they appear to be in panic mode. I have been given the authority to terminate your life if you release this information. It is absolutely vital that you share this with no one. Do you understand?"

Donnalors nodded. "That's not good enough. Please say yes I understand."

"Yes I understand..." Donnalors continued, "What about my baby? And the others?"

Zo looked at the other collaborators. They nodded. "That's why we're taking steps to get you and the others off-world."

Somewhat shocked, Donnalors asked "When is this supposed to happen?"

"Probably not until after you have conceived."

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Good morning world, this is Donnalors. Let me explain. It is the year 3084 and probably very different from your world if you are living in a different time. For one thing, the earth is very crowded - there are almost 20 trillion of us. You probably assumed that we would have numerical identification with so numerous a population. Yes, some of us do, but that is by choice. After the Nomiation Laws were passed some years ago, it became illegal for the government to assign numbers and/or bar codes or any systematic form of identification. This practice was outlawed mainly due to the cost.

So, when I was incepted, I was given my name - Donnalors - at the inception compound. An inception compound is where most people are now created. People stopped giving birth years ago as the males became extinct and there is now virtually no male seed left in the world. Or, so it is said. There is talk of shutting down some - perhaps all - of the incept centers as we are too numerous. I really do agree with this. Actually, giving birth is now illegal, even though it is impossible. But even in a crowded world such as this, there are still some secrets and rumors. Rumors are many. But the rumor about some still possessing the male seed - still frozen - after many, many years are kept very secret. I will return to this.

Why are there no males? Virtually all male animals ceased to exist years ago due to the contamination of the environment by bisphenol A and phthalates. It was found that these materials did result in a reduction of all male characteristics, such as; genitalia, sperm and fertility. The government did have to pass laws creating incept centers for fear of a severe population implosion. The incept centers were created right after the great floods, fortunately. Not being near a coastline may have saved our species. The floods happened in all oceans, after the great global warming crisis in the year 2584. They say there were several such warming crises in previous years.

The same things, industries and so on that created bisphenol A and phthalates also created the global warming crisis. Thus warming up our world, all ice and snow - everywhere - melted. Thus rising the oceans and flooding the old world and destroying its coastal zones. It was a time of great chaos, as many of the most populous cities were flooded and wiped out. These structures still exist visited now only by archaeologists and other scientists. Settlements are strictly forbidden in these areas. The fear is that, even now, the earth will grow hot again and decimate these areas again. The say only plants and a very few animals still live there. That is, those that have adapted to reproducing without males. It is a very female world.

My world, has virtually no nations. There is only The Americas and China. This is due to the great populations in both nations. The Americas and China are virtually two single population centers. There are no cities, no towns, no villages, no states, no provinces and no prefectures. Humanity and its environs are virtually split in two. In my continent (The Americas) there are only two political parties: The Free Party and The China Party. Please understand, they are not what they sound like. The Free Party supports the "right to inception" (that is, they are firmly against all regulations and laws promoting birth). The China Party supports the "right to single birth", that is, all persons who are able, should be allowed to give birth to at least a single child. Impossible, though in a world without males? Can you guess which party I belong to?

Some of us have been secretly meeting with certain members of The China Party. Their anonymity must be maintained in order to support their secret program. I have met with them several times. They want me to have a child. They have told me that they do have access - illegal - to some frozen sperm and embryos. I was shocked at the part about the embryos. I told them I want to give birth to a male - that is, a son. They have said that they might be able to arrange this. It would be a historic case, of course. I told them I am worried about being caught and losing my child. They have explained the law on this. It is illegal for any body or party or government or agency to practice abortion without consent. And "my crime" (I am not yet with child as I write this) is a biological crime, the laws are very sketchy here. It was considered too controversial to outlaw giving birth altogether. But, it is actively discouraged and intimidation tactics such as lawsuits and detention could be used. But, we have not heard of this. Nor have we heard of anybody else giving birth due to the complete absence of males.